Data Cleaning

This way we enable you to clean, update, and append your CRM data to find and put in all missing information and ensure your data is accurate and consistent, throughout.

Data Cleansing is robust, methodical and systematic approach for contact database enrichment on a regular basis. Pro- data slotions data cleansing services extract, de-dupe, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich contact data. Our team of domain experts shall validate all contact details to ensure they are most recent and complete.

Enhance Your Customer File and Improve Your Marketing Results
  1. CRM Data Cleansing and Data Structuring: your repository reflects relevant, customized and validated data only
  2. Database Enrichment, and discovery of missing information e.g. Email Append, Phone Append
  3. Standardize and clean-up contact entries
  4. De-duplicate and merge duplicate records within the contact database
  5. Monitor, update and enrich Contact Data on an ongoing basis
  6. Replenish leads and prevent data decay of your database